Quick Summary – DU – UND 3-3 Tie

Photo:Courtesy of UND Sports

1st Period

  • UND’s Trevor Olson scored at 1:02 of the first period
  • UND’s Shane Gersich buried a rebound at 5:18 to make it 2-0
  • The Fighting Hawks dominated the first period
  • 4 shots from the Pioneers for the Period

2nd Period

  • 7:04 of the second period, Dylan Gambrell  hammered home a one-timer blast from distance past goalie Cam Johnson to make it 2-1
  • Denver found their legs in the second period as the Pioneers began to control puck possession

3rd Period

  • A Tariq Hammond shot in traffic caromed off Rudy Junda to tie the game at 2:11, 2-2
  • At 3:14, a filthy hit to the head by ND’s Cole Smith on Adam Plant knocked Plant out. Smith received a five-minute major and game misconduct for a hit to the head – the second time Smith has knocked out a defenseless Plant.
  • Goalie interference by DU’s Jarid Lukosevicius took away a Dylan Gambrell goal 4:29 which would have given DU the lead. Replays looked like a good call.
  • Troy Terry responds by nailing a spinning wrist shot at 5:56 to give DU a 3-2 lead.
  • The Pioneers tried to hold their lead but got too conservative. ND pulled their goalie, Cam Johnson,  and tied the game with a Hayden Shaw blast through traffic at 18:28.


  • In the first OT, 5-on-5, DU had the man advantage for 2-minutes and some scoring opportunities but could not convert.
  • In the second OT, with only 49 seconds left on three-on-three overtime, Troy Terry sailed a wrister into the net from the left side circle for an extra point in the conference standings (2 points total).


While DU had opportunities to win the contest, the Pioneers paid the price for a slow start.

11 thoughts on “Quick Summary – DU – UND 3-3 Tie”

  1. My thoughts exactly. I would gladly trade a loss for Adam Plant’s health. It was a brutal hit. Fortunately, the rest of the game was played cleanly by UND. It is clear that UND cannot keep up with Denver’s firepower on offense. Tonight should be DU’s game if they come out with energy.


  2. Ever since the Frozen Four Semifinal in Tampa, North Dakota has shown they can hold up early but Denver’s speed and skill starts to wear them down – especially in the 3rd period. DU must start faster tonight unless they are up for a 3-period dog fight.


  3. Ummm, where am I? I am seeing a photo of hawks celebrating a goal? Maybe a stock photo of a hockey puck or a zamboni would be better? Perhaps the Russians or Hawks are hacking your blog.

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    1. Actually, the photo is a pregame pic – UND players frisk each other for weapons before every game. It started under Dave Hackstol.


  4. While I’m glad DU got the extra point, that was not a great effort overall, and certainly the hit on Plant taints the whole evening. DU looked listless to start the game but did finish well. Pios need to take care of business tonight and play a full 60 minutes.

    Credit the Sioux–they had a good start, did a decent job slowing DU down, and got the tying goal late. Even a banged-up Sioux team is a dangerous one.

    The hit on Plant was bad. Seeing him out there dazed and likely concussed was nothing short of cringe worthy. That is exactly the type of hit hockey cannot have. I hope we get Plant back before his senior year is over.

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  5. While the game was certainly exciting, DU really didn’t get the legs moving until halfway through the game, as UND won most of the puck battles and defended its bluleline well. Considering this was a rivalry game with full house in Grand Forks, I am amazed DU was so flat for such a long period of time…

    This UND team does not have the game-breaker offensive talent DU has, but you had to admire the intensity that the Fighting Hawks played for the whole 60 minutes. They played with the sense of urgency that DU didn’t play with until the final period. One thing I didn’t admire about UND was the hit on Adam Plant. UND has been much better about the cheap stuff since Berry took over, but that was a hit that has no place in the game.

    When DU decided to crank up the intensity, their skill level was a cut above. DU is the best team in the country when they want to play like it, but very average when they don’t, and right now, I see the talent to go deep, but not the leadership or consistency or desire to play hard for the full 60. That aspect of DU’s game needs to improve in these final 10 weeks.


  6. Unfortunately, that frisking didn’t detect the awful sportsmanship and recklessness by that goon, whatever his stupid name is. 9News seemed a little pissed about it, putting up a graphic about a cheapshot during its highlights of the game, and pointing out that this was the same moron who hit Plant in the head last time, too. Unbelievable that this is allowed to continue in the college game, with all of the info that is out there about concussions. How can you justify not taking stronger action against a repeat offender, who hit the same kid? Just unbelievable. Make him sit one game…gee thanks, that’ll help!

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  7. OK, maybe one 3 on 3 goal doesn’t give a win in some folks’ books, but two 3 on 3 goals on consecutive nights must count for a combined win on the weekend. 2 points total, nice! Great goal by Mitchell, nice revenge to the goon who was watching in his grubby street clothes.

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