Former Denver Soccer star Kortne Ford needs our help

Last mother’s day, we told you about former DU soccer star Kortne Ford’s mother, Laurie, who was battling aggressive terminal cancer. While she was given 3-6 months to live, her treatments have bought her valuable time and quality of life. Now, the cancer has returned and Ms. Ford will be undergoing a second round of aggressive treatment. These additional treatments are going to be expensive and Kortne has asked for our help on GoFundMe as well as our prayers.

Anyone who knows the Kortne Ford story knows that his mother is his hero with numerous accounts of her personal sacrifice prior to her illness. Now he faces one of the greatest losses of his life but he is looking to Colorado Rapids fans, the community and DU Pioneers for support. A year ago, Kortne read this Mother’s Day letter to his mom.

In an impressive sign of unity, a University of Nebraska Omaha soccer coach, Tim Walters, who has battled Denver on both the men’s and women’s side, is making a plea to Mavericks fans to step up and help Kortne and Laurie.

Now, it is our time.

Please, take a few moments to support a former alum and make a contribution in any amount to help the Ford family.