Campus Lounge 2.0 Closes – Again

We wrote about the Campus Lounge 2.0 in an article when they reopened in late October. Their closing date as reported by The Denver Post will be March 26th according to the owner, Dan Landis.

Landis admitted that the new-age food concept did not meet the sports-centric demand offered by the former owner Jim Wiste, a former DU hockey all-American,  who recently passed away.

Landis saved the iconic Campus Lounge neon sign and rebuilt the horseshoe bar which was a signature feature of the old campus lounge. The Campus Lounge 2.0 moved away from bar food, Mexican comfort food and television’s featuring Denver’s favorite sports teams to a hipster, new-age take on dining.  The new concept fell flat in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood.

Campus Lounge 5
The old Campus Lounge paid homage to DU hockey legend Keith Magnuson and was a local hangout for Denver sports fans.

An honest appraisal to The Denver Post by Landis said it all, ““My intention with Campus Lounge was to save an iconic sign, but not the legacy of a great man (Jim Wiste). And he was a true Denver legend. … He built a bar that people love and I didn’t pay Jim’s legacy enough respect because, honestly, I’m not passionate about sports.”

Landis is going to sell the building which has been largely remodeled and updated inside. Obviously, no word yet on new buyers.

8 thoughts on “Campus Lounge 2.0 Closes – Again”

  1. Can’t say I am very surprised by this closing. Denver has evolved, but with 40 previous years as a sports bar under Wiste and a clientele to match, the new 2.0 concept was going to be a tough sell, and you can’t afford to have tough sells in that line of business…

    Landis should have kept it a sports bar, and updated the food a bit (but not too much) and he probably could have made it. But he pretty much threw the baby out with the bathwater by going 100% hipster, and now, it’s over.

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  2. Are you f-ing kidding me? Man, that’s too bad. Remarkably frank language from Mr. Landis in an article in “The Know.” I think he is being too hard on himself, and I’m surprised that they are not giving the concept more of a chance. When I’ve been in there, there have been decent crowds. But apparently not enough.

    What a shame. But it will be interesting to see what the next version will be like. I think it’s certain that the next version will, for better or worse, have more of a sports emphasis. Though I can’t believe that just adding some TVs would make that much of a difference in the success or failure of a bar/restaurant.

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  3. I went once and I was so disappointed no TVs, expensive food, and no atmosphere! The horseshoe bar was so small compared to what was in place in the old bar.
    Looking for great sports bar it’s been cleaned out a bit, is the Kentucky Inn.

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  4. Sorry to hear of the closing,but not surprised.. Restaurant business is the toughest. The Stork Club in NYC was crowded with the movers and shakers drinking and dining for decades. Its various owners were well heeled, but rarely made money.

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  5. And also, big shame on Ink coffee next door. (Yes the same one that in a different location advertised with jokes about gentrification.) Those m fers would not share their parking lot with Campus, even during evening hours when the stupid coffee place is closed! Unbelievable. It’s sad to see campus shutting down before that worthless excuse for a business. BTW, it should go without saying that Ink coffee does not deserve any business from the DU, wash park, or any other community.

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