The Pioneer offers unique Denver Hockey NCAA Tournament watch party

Leave it to our good friends at The Pioneer to support Denver Pioneer Hockey. The DU hockey game Saturday night is not being shown over regular ESPN cable channels. The first round game, pitting Denver against the Penn State Nittany Lions, will only be shown on ESPN3 – on the internet.

So we are left to watch the game alone in our basements.

But no!!!

So what is The Pioneer Bar doing? They are running extra plug-ins for customers to bring their computers in and watch the game through their cable provider via The Pioneer WIFI! Add a couple of White Rascals, a burrito, and DU fans – and we are in hockey heaven.

Plug in. Tune in.  Buy a drink. Shout out! (And bring your cable provider login.)

Pioneer Watch Party

The game is set for 5:30 PM MT.

4 thoughts on “The Pioneer offers unique Denver Hockey NCAA Tournament watch party”

  1. It seems to me, that the Pioneer bar could attach Chromecast devices (pretty cheap) to a couple of their TV’s, and the TV would then mirror whatever is on the screen of the phone or other device that has downloaded the Chromecast app. I use this simple method at home to watch stuff on ESPN3 on my TV screen.


  2. Can’t be done, folks. The Pioneer, like most sports bars, signed a contract with a satellite or cable provider (in this case, DirectTV, that all TVs in the bar must use their cable/satellite services on all TV screens.

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