It’s official: Jim Montgomery to the Dallas Stars

The inevitable happened this morning when former DU hockey head coach Jim Montgomery accepted the head coaching position for the Dallas Stars.

The hour long event was streamed on FoxSportsGo and opening comments below were posted on the Dallas Stars Twitter.

While Montgomery expressed excitement for the Dallas Stars job, he also thanked the University of Denver and emphasized that he will be “a Pioneer for life”. During the press conference, he reinforced his belief in relentless hockey, a ‘team first approach’ and a strong culture – all principles of the Jim Montgomery ‘Proscess’.

As word leaked out on the hiring of Jim Montgomery earlier in the week, NHL media began to cover the story. It was clear that Montgomery was a solid fit for a young, talented squad. He takes over a Stars team that has missed the playoffs in eight of the past 10 seasons, including the last two straight. But the roster boasts standouts like Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, Alex Radulov and John Klingberg.


Now we move on to the Pioneer coaching search and what lies ahead for Denver hockey – especially behind the bench. The last Denver opening, filled by Monty, took only two weeks.


24 thoughts on “It’s official: Jim Montgomery to the Dallas Stars”

  1. Actually, I sense more of an air of excitement, than sadness. After the national championship, everyone knew Monty was on borrowed time at DU, and we got a bonus season out of him. Really looking forward to seeing who DU hires. DU just can’t be lazy about it, and they should not be swayed by what the guy who is leaving the program wants. (It almost sounds ridiculous to even have to say that!) DU hockey should do a very well-considered search for the next coach.


  2. They don’t need to do much of a search since the new AD is just gonna take the easy route and promote the assistant to head coach


  3. Hey 3:10 You obviously don’t know anything about the D.U. athletic Dept as it relates to D.U. Hockey. where do you live ? in Tennessee??

    The search will be managed by Peg and Ron. Based on your dumn comment you probably don’t even know who Peg ad Ron are. The new guy ,Creech , will gladly want them heavily involved. The STRONG recommendation will come from those two and Creech will agree and make the announcement
    Go back to watching college football where you might have a clue. You certainly don’t about this search

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      1. Of course, new AD Creech will make the decision. But I would think he would gather opinions to make the best possible choice.


    1. The Denver Post reported a national search. Expect David Carle to be on the list. The process should go relatively quickly – 2-3 weeks so recruiting is not impacted.


  4. What’s new? DU can’t retain any talent, in any aspect of the Athletic Dept. Many changes in the dept. over the last 5 years. To me that speaks to the culture, or lack there of and not valuing employees.


    1. who have they lost besides montgomery? peg retired, other coaches (scott, cremeans, etc.) were fired and haven’t gotten head jobs since.


  5. I measure results and they look pretty good to me. 10 Director Cups in 10 years takes more than just coaches. DU is in fine shape in the Athletics division.


  6. College athletics is all about turnover – coaches and administrators are often moving on to other opportunities. Peg was around for 13 years – that’s a long time to be an AD these days. Ron Grahame has been in the DU athletic Dept since the 80s.

    As 5BWest said, it’s hard to argue with the results – 10 Directors cups in 10 years, a 95% graduation rate and a 3.3 department GPA, a clean police blotter for years and recent NCAA titles in three different sports and multiple league titles in most of the other sports. A lot of other schools would kill for results as good as ours. And when you consider our budgets, our location, our multiple conferences, travel requirements, and only 20 years as a full D-I member in all sports, it’s even more remarkable.

    No other major division or college at DU is top 10 nationally in anything.

    Are there problems in DU athletics? Of course there are, as there are in any athletic department. It comes with the territory. But, on balance, it’s good to be Pioneer….

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  7. whoever runs the marketing for athletics is awful at his/her job. the new hockey season ticket ad they’re running on social media is just the freshmans’ on-ice class photo… not an action shot, not a goal celebration, not a photo of the crowd or fans having fun, etc… this has been an embarrassment for a long time – hopefully the new AD can fix it and bring in some better marketing people moving forward.


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