Freshmen Land #1 Spot in line at the Hockey Ticket Camp Out

It is always encouraging when DU’s freshman class leads the way at Denver’s annual Hockey Ticket Camp Out. Freshmen, Nick and Alexx (yes, two x’s), from Greenwood Village and Parker respectively, had the first tent position this year. Alexx, a big fan of DU hockey since high school, borrowed a large seven person tent from a friend and set it up on the Ritchie Center lawn early Friday morning.

Campout 2
Freshman secured the #1 Spot for the Hockey Ticket Camp Out

LetsGoDU wanted to learn more about these first-year students – so they answered a series of questions.

Showing the optimism of true freshmen, both predicted a 34-0 regular season for the Pioneers –  the same as the LetsGoDU Super Poll.

We also asked a few non-sports related questions.

Both students expect to buy their first car in-person – not on-line. They prefer Illegal Pete’s over Chipotle and both avoid shopping at Abercrombie. Alexx says it smells aweful – and he is right. Both freshmen prefer Uber because “it was first”, according to Nick while Lift and Ofo (DU’s bike sharing) were a distant second and third.

Nick had used Snapchat 10 minutes before our interview and Alexx confirmed his last Snapchat was 35 minutes before the interview. Nick mailed a stamped letter in May and Alexx could not remember the last time he mailed a stamped letter. While they were split on whether they would choose a free ticket and flight to Coachella or $1,000, both were Amazon Prime members.

And, as freshmen, how many articles of DU athletic clothing did they have? The answer – Nick with 5 and Alexx with 8.

Per tradition, DU players delivered donuts Saturday morning and the students received their season tickets.