4 thoughts on “Denver Hockey Game #13 Thread: Denver at North Dakota”

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    The DU depth chart for tonight has two interesting aspects that I was not expecting. Les Lancaster has been scratched for tonight. Is he hurt or was this a coach’s decision? Academics? If he’s not hurt, I would want my most experienced d-men in the game at North Dakota, given the environment there. Comrie is still learning to play at this level.

    Secondly, Larsson is listed at the third goalie tonight. I have no issue starting Devin Cooley given how well he’s played this year. But Corson is listed as the second goalie, not Larsson. Clerical error? Injury? Coach’s decision? Inquiring minds…

    1. Really good pregame points Puck. Definitely want Lancaster tonight.
      No idea on goalie listing. Does being listed 3rd mean you can’t be next goalie-up?

      Let’s win a biggie tonight

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