The Force Fails Denver in Tulsa 78-65

Photo: Courtesy to Tyler Maun Twitter

It was Star Wars night at ORU (9-17, 5-6). and most people who follow this year’s Pioneer basketball team had the same thought as expressed in the classic movie series – “I have a bad feeling about this”.

And, they were right.

The Pioneers had a terrible first half with only 8 field goals (28.6%), 4 three’s and 2 free throws. The final 20 minutes were a formality as ORU coasted to a double digit win.

The difference, again, was shooting. The Golden Eagles shot 51.1% (24-47) from the field and 44.8% from downtown with 13 3-pointers made. Joe Rosga (15) and Abiola Akintola (10) were the only Denver players in double figures.

The Pioneers (7-17, 2-8) were never in the game and fall to 1-11 on the road for the season and last place in the Summit league with three of their next four games on the road. Denver trails Western Illinois and North Dakota by one game. The last place finisher in the conference misses the Summit League playoffs in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.





2 thoughts on “The Force Fails Denver in Tulsa 78-65”

  1. The program needs psychological help. Bad patterns need breaking.

    These players are athletically capable enough (and smart enough) to play effectively at the D-I level (as we saw at K-State), and the coaches probably have 100 years of experience to bring to the table, but something is lost in translation this season between the coaches’ brains and the players’ brains, and the results are plain as day, and are stark on the stat sheet.

    We see the confidence deficit, where slow starts lead to bad defense and turnovers, the two killers that have plagued this team. Before a game is ten minutes old, we already pretty much know what is going to happen. You can see it in the body language. There is little joy. Hands on hips. Heads are downcast. Communication vanishes. Players come in and out of the lineup and little changes. Double-digit losses have become the norm.

    This team, picked for third by the Summit coaches, is festering in the basement and looks like it might be done for the year. And while the season may not be salvageable, there is some talent here that must be developed. Start the underclassmen, play them deep, and let the upperclassmen come in off the bench. Use the remainder of this season as development time.

    1. The coach and the coaching staff have done nothing during their brief tenure. The team sits at the bottom of the Summit League. That’s going backwards not forwards. If the coaches can’t bring “psychological help” then they need to go. Remember, this is Rodney Billups not Chauncey Billups.
      Students aren’t going to watch a team that loses and loses. Bringing up Kansas State is irrelevant because that was just one game. If DU can’t win in the Summit League where will it??

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