Jay Stickney: JJ Lane’s odd man out?

According to US Weekly, JJ Lane, former Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum, DU alum, and play-by-play sidekick of Jay Stickney, proposed to Kayla Hughes in the presence of his parents and his daughter, Gemma, in Hawaii. They also had an uninvited guest – Jay Stickney.

Stickney claimed that his trip to Hawaii at the same time was ‘coincidental’ to the beachside engagement. However, family members claim that Stickney was photobombing the couple and after a few Mai Tais was overheard saying, “don’t do it”. Both Stickney and Ms. Hughes cried when Lane went to one knee.

Stickney and Lane, paired as a dynamic DU hockey announcing team, had become nearly inseparable. In an article we published last year, the duo claimed that Stickney had become JJ Lane’s ‘wingman’ at various establishments around Denver.


Instagram: Three’s company at Magness Arena – but is four a crowd?

DU hockey has a bye this week and Stickney and Lane have time to sort out the current situation.


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