Six Big Things to do in Colorado Springs (on a Tuesday)

With a single hockey game against Colorado College Tuesday night, here are six ‘things to do’ in Colorado Springs during your brief visit:

1. Go to Jade Massage on North Academy Boulevard and ask for ‘the Bob Kraft’

2. Stop at any one of the 52 payday loan operations in the Springs and thank them for their service

3. Walk down North Nevada Avenue in the Old North End neighborhood and casually inquire of homeowners if anything is ‘new’

4. Go to Loomis Hall and ask Tiger freshmen if having Garden of the Gods and Colorado College in the same town is: A.) ironic, B.) an oxymoron or C.) Obverse

5. Visit the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun and tell everyone within earshot that you loved watching Rogers and Mr. McFeely on TV every weekday when you were a kid

6. Make an Uber sign for your dashboard and drop off unsuspecting CC students at Focus on the Family headquarters

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