New Uniforms and Updated Fight Song Suit Nebraska Omaha Just Fine

“The new sweater is intended to reach a broader geography than ‘Omaha’ which is currently featured on our hockey jerseys. We are Nebraska’s team, too. And, this also makes a statement about our agricultural ‘roots’. We are Nebraska Omaha – or simply NOM,” said Chancellor Jeffrey Gold.

Going forward, all Nebraska Omaha’s jerseys will salute Nebraska’s cash crop – corn

“I love our new home jerseys,” said Athletic Director Trev Albert. “They have broad appeal and tell our fans, ‘We are corn people’.”

The school fight song has been changed to the Nom Nom song to reinforce the new brand message.

University students playing the new fight song, the Nom Nom Song, at the Nebraska Omaha (NOM) announcement at Baxter Arena.

The uniforms will be launched next season and the Nom Nom fight song will be implemented immediately.