Top 7 Reasons CC will not win the Gold Pan Giving Challenge

We have until March 17th when the Gold Pan Giving Challenge ends. Of course, we must give to the cause to ensure certain victory but here are the Big 7 reasons why CC will fall:

7.  CC trust funds still depleted from failed Fyre Festival

6. “What’s the big deal – we grew up with gold pans!”

5. ‘Winning’ is seen as offensive in pass/fail CC culture

4. The money will only go to under-the-table payments to the City Council who secretly approved the new hockey arena in CC’s Old North End neighborhood

3. Mom and dad already committed funds to the “Green New Deal”

2. CC grads too busy bussing tables to participate

1. “Really! We have a hockey team?”

You can direct your financial gift to athletics or any number of Denver initiatives. Click here to give and defeat the Kittens. The challenge ends 3/17/19.

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