Crimson & Gold Show Episode 6: Recapping a NoDak sweep and previewing the Frozen Faceoff

Until this weekend, North Dakota and Denver were the only programs to have been at every Frozen Faceoff. Thanks to 2-0 and 4-2 wins over North Dakota in the best-of-three NCHC Quarterfinals, Denver is returning to St. Paul and North Dakota is not (what a great sentence). A week after the DU Hockey prognosis was decidedly bleak thanks to a sweep at the hands of CC, the mood has completely changed. Denver has a shot, albeit a long one, to go to St. Paul and defend their 2017-18 NCHC title. They will either play Minnesota Duluth or St. Cloud State depending on what happens in the CC-Western Michigan series that was postponed by a day thanks to that Bomb Cyclone.

Listen below for a full recap of the weekend and a look ahead to the Frozen Faceoff (not the Frozen Four as Nick mistakenly says at the beginning…smh, Nick).

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2 thoughts on “Crimson & Gold Show Episode 6: Recapping a NoDak sweep and previewing the Frozen Faceoff”

  1. Great podcast, guys.

    Given this was supposed to be a rebuilding year with nation’s youngest coach replacing 5 early NHL departures with one of the nation’s youngest teams, DU fans should be thrilled that the Pios are going dancing while a lot of other blue bloods (Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota) are already golfing. BC and BU may also be added to the golfing list, depending on how they do in their conference tourneys.

    This DU team is learning to win big games in different circumstances. They have the speed to overwhelm lesser teams with speed and cycling, and they also know how to play counter punch hockey against teams that can overwhelm them with shots and size, such as UND. With good defense and goaltending, they can stay in the game with most teams, too.

    Quite frankly, they seem to win more when people question them – the proverbial chip on the shoulder is a strong motivator for this group…

    As far as I am concerned, it’s already been a great year. To be #5 in the PWR today is well beyond what I expected – a .500 team who was life or death to make it this far.

    Go Pios!

  2. Agree with PS … I won’t say I don’t care what happens from this point on, because I do. I’d love to see this crew run deep. But if they don’t, I’m OK. Carle and Kids did a great job this year, so proud, can’t wait to see what happens next season. Maybe they make a run, get a few bounces, maybe they don’t. But 2018-19 is already a success. Well done, team.

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