North Dakota fans get a jump-start on spring cleaning

Photo: Students try to scrub away the memory of the 2018-2019 season

GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA – With an uncharacteristic early exit this season at the hands of the Denver Pioneers, North Dakota hockey fans got a jump-start on spring cleaning.

Gretta Speaks near downtown Grand Forks used the day to organize her living room. Speaks refused to be pictured because she was not wearing her make-up.

Cliff Lester of University Village borrowed his neighbor’s shovel to try to find his own shovel Sunday afternoon.
Eunice Stubbs of the Southside Historic District cleans her flag before putting it away until next fall.
Others decided to hold off on the cleaning, enjoy St Patrick’s Day and do what they always do.

8 thoughts on “North Dakota fans get a jump-start on spring cleaning”

  1. Kind of classless to intentionally crash DU’s goalie with the obvious intent of hurting him. How about your goalie intentionally tripping Durflinger?

    ND’s motto must be, “if you can’t beat ‘em, hurt em”.

    Stay classy.

    See you next year.

    1. At least they didn’t take the typical run at the boards with 10 seconds to go. I was offering up that bet in my section and nothing.

  2. At least there was not the usual DU player getting lined-up along the boards in the final 10 seconds and getting crushed. I was trying to take bets but luckily no one took me up on it.

  3. Yes, they are a consistently classy bunch, fans and players alike. Buncha low class goons–their goalie’s antics were straight out of slap shot, but not nearly as funny. But it makes it that much sweeter when you realize that our 4-1-1 record against them this year keep them out of the tournament, and helped us to #5 in the PWR. I hope they enjoy the early offseason. If they would have recruited some smarter players who don’t take ridiculously stupid penalties, maybe they would have won a couple of the close games, and would still be playing. Karma

    1. I’m pretty sure UND’s unbelievable two losses at Canisius had far more to do with the non-NCAA tourney qualification this year than anything having to do with Denver. Had UND won those two games, the Fighting Hawks would have been #8 in the PWR. Quite frankly, DU was outplayed in almost all of the games against UND this year, but still managed to score more goals. We Pio fans should consider ourselves fortunate….

      1. DU came within a whisker of the same thing when Dartmouth almost swept DU at Magness. Took Denver a long time to recover in the Pairwise.

  4. I remember Monty being interviewed about recruiting. I am paraphrasing what he said but the reporter asked him about competing with ND for recruits. He said that DU is looking for a different type of student athlete. Enough said!

    1. While the DU-UND rivalry remains a heated and intense one, the overall flavor of it has changed over the recent years. At least that’s my perception. During the Gwoz-Hasktol days, there were plenty of shenanigans and bad blood. I felt like most games in that era were a powder keg. There were lots of additional storylines for both fan bases to harp on and extracurriculars to expect whenever the teams met. Hakstol’s teams clearly played with an edge and he recruited a lot of guys who played that style. At the same time, DU had its own cast of characters who could dish it out.

      In the Monty-Berry years (and now with Carle-Berry), I felt like a lot of that stuff was put in the rearview mirror. Berry’s teams, while still tough and physical, seem to have a different approach. I think there is more of a healthy respect between the programs now than what I perceived years ago. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if both programs were pursuing some of the same recruits these days.

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