LetsGoDU Super-POLL™ Picks Pioneers Yet Again

Make that 15 consecutive seasons with the University of Denver Pioneers as the top pick to win the 2019-2020 national championship.

As the LetsGoDU staff poured thru stats, drank pots of coffee and consumed 3-dozen Duffy rolls, Denver hockey emerged as the clear favorite in the LetsGoDU Super-POLL™  to win their ninth  National Champion on April 11th, 2020 at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Minnesota-Duluth will be playing Little Caesar to Denver’s Brutus in the finals. And third place? A log-jam between two eastern powers Boston College and Providence.

Our predictions:

  1. Denver – Carle gets carded before his champagne shower.
  2. Minnesota Duluth – The Bulldogs trip over their hyphen in the finals.
  3. Boston College – Losing in the Frozen Four will be disappointing but losing to Kansas in football was an embarrassment.
  4. Providence – Has a shorter run than Providence, the TV show.
  5. UMass  – Which one? With two shots, at least one (Amherst, Lowell) advances into Top 10 territory.
  6. Penn State – No Little Caesars for the Nittany Lions as they fall like dominoes in the second round of the NCAA’s.
  7. Wisconsin – Can’t top their #4 ranking in drunkest towns in America. Image result for drunk ice skater
  8.  Bowling Green – New Coach Ty Eigner is the surprise winner of the WCHA but throws a gutter ball in his first visit to the NCAA’s.
  9. Ohio State – Lost court battle to trademark ‘The‘. Better luck next year.
  10. Canisius – Just because they swept North Dakota last season.

60. Colorado College – Natural order will be restored. Tigers will be unable to repeat last season’s ‘miracle on ice’ and associated celebration and the Gold Pan will return home to Denver.

** The LetsGoDU Super Poll is a scientific analysis using 1,200 Monte Carlo simulations factoring strength of schedule, player statistics, and coaching tendencies. Then, Denver is placed in the one spot, CC is placed last and the rest of the teams more or less settle where they might likely finish.

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