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Which North Dakota Commercial is Most Annoying?

After watching a few weeks of DU games in the NCHC “pod,” we’ve been subjected to hundreds of repetitive, small-city Grand Forks, North Dakota-based TV commercials.  The reason for this is that Dakota-based Midco Sports Network is producing the production, fueled by money from North Dakota advertisers, where UND hockey is the state’s largest athletic attraction.  To our more citified eyes and ears, there are seven of them that, in heavy rotation, have become proverbial nails on a chalkboard to our urban sensibilities… Continue reading Which North Dakota Commercial is Most Annoying?

North Dakota Navigates the Omaha Pod

“Frankly, we got our wires crossed”, said #1 North Dakota’s head hockey coach Brad Berry. “When the NCHC recommended a ‘pod’ for visiting teams,  we misunderstood the plan.”

The Fighting Hawks spent their first three nights 23 miles west of the UNO campus in storage pods before relocating to more modern accommodations in Omaha, close to Baxter Arena.

“We are used to no running water and a lack of electricity but poor cell reception and internet access were the biggest challenges.” said senior captain Jordan Kawaguchi.

The Fighting Hawks made the best of a difficult situation by building a corn maze, digging a latrine, and collecting firewood to warm their unheated containers.

Puck drop is 6:30 pm MT tonight at Baxter Arena, Omaha, Nebraska.

New Ice Arena Provides CC an Opportunity to Bridge Local Divide

According to the Colorado College student newspaper The Catalyst, the student government has agreed to a resolution to bridge the growing divide between the townsfolk and the college.

Tensions were exacerbated when the college broke ground on a new on-campus ice arena which halved the capacity of the old city Broadmoor World Arena arena – leaving locals, literally, out in the cold. Continue reading New Ice Arena Provides CC an Opportunity to Bridge Local Divide

CC’s Robson Arena Groundbreaking Postponed

A scheduled groundbreaking ceremony for a new, Colorado College on-campus hockey arena, Robson Arena, was postponed indefinitely Saturday afternoon when outgoing Colorado College President Jill Tiefenthaler’s missing 2018 Range Rover was discovered in the construction site. Tiefenthaler, who was recently named the new CEO of National Geographic Society in January of 2020, was set to leave Colorado College in August of 2020, but obviously, her map-reading skills still need some work or the Delta House Chapter has been reactivated. Continue reading CC’s Robson Arena Groundbreaking Postponed