Poll: CC’s Prowler Mascot Out – What’s Next?

Photo: Shortly after Prowler visited 96-year-old Maggie Lynch, she reported seventeen thousand dollars in stolen valuables from her nursing home room.

Everyone we know has been shocked that the Colorado College allowed a  ‘Prowler’ to be their mascot. Well, justice has been served and CC has formally announced the search for a new mascot (no kidding here, folks). And, the College is now taking names to replace their dodgy mascot and go for a Tiger rebrand.

Sure, we have our own mascot problems at DU – but two NCAA DI & 11 DIII programs are stuck with the boring ‘Tigers’ nickname.

What mascot name should we submit to Colorado College as the best alternative to the current mascot, Prowler?

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8 thoughts on “Poll: CC’s Prowler Mascot Out – What’s Next?”

  1. Pity the Kitty is great. I feel bad for CC fans – 1957 was a long time ago…

    Seriously, though, I don’t like it when schools just kill off mascots for no stated reason. After all, Boone was killed off for no stated reason by DU back in 1998-99. CC fans deserve better than that…

    1. Swami, I sent CC an email yesterday asking them to provide reasons/clarification as to why the Prowler name is being dropped. I expect nothing less than either radio silence or a canned response. We shall see.

      I may be jumping to conclusions as to why they’re doing this. Perhaps the mascot name change goes hand in hand with the new arena and new logo and they just want a fresh start, who knows? Either way, an explanation would be nice as many of us love Prowler and see no reason to change their name.

      1. If CC just renames Prowler, the Prowler name probably won’t die for a long time, since the mascot suit is still the same suit. If they really want the new name to stick, they would want to redo the suit as well.

    2. Back in the mid ’80s when I was at The Citadel, the school rebranded the Bulldog mascot. “Spike” the Bulldog was our guy, but the school decided to have a marketing company redesign him and held a public contest to give him a new name … “Cidney” was the winner (Sydney but incorporating the school’s unofficial nickname of “El Cid”) … this did not go over well with the all-male, military student body at the time. Eventually the Junior class “kidnapped” Cidney (the costume) and demanded a ransom in unmarked pennies. The administration captiulated and agreed to go back to “Spike” as the mascot. In a sign of the times, something that would never fly today, it was announced Cidney’s body was found by the railroad tracks, killed by kidnappers, but his cousin Spike had agreed to come out of retirement in his honor. All this is true, I was there.

  2. LOL: …her nursing “homeroom”. Got that high school/community college vocabulary down pat. Congrats! Oh yeah…I vote ‘Panhandlers’. 😉

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