Fan Recognition Event Backfires on North Dakota Officials

A fan recognition event at the University of North Dakota’s Ralph Englestad Arena backfired last weekend. The University’s eight hockey championship banners have been relocated to an arena wall. However, five of the banners, formerly showing the Fighting Sioux logo, have been changed to celebrate the rich history of the Fighting Hawk program and, specifically, their fans.

“We wanted to symbolically show the evolution of our program and fans over time”, said Craig Melvin, spokesman for the athletic department. “We are doing a number of special fan recognition events this season – celebrating 90 years of varsity hockey.”

Not all fans are happy with the promotion.

“Give us credit'” said Del McConnel of Tioga. “I think we (fans) at least started at the Australopithecus period!”

Ned Pederson, a 40-year season ticket holder said: “For accuracy, on the 2000 championship banner, I’d like to see a Shiner Bock beer in the hand of the ‘fan’ – instead of a Coke.”

North Dakota Banner 3
Pederson submitted this banner revision (above) to University Athletic officials for further consideration

Carly Schmidt, a sophomore at the University of North Dakota, sees a major problem with the over-all promotion. “All the figures seem to be male. I’d like to see a woman there.”

Officials are proceeding with the banner fan event which concludes January 1st.

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