LetsGoDU Special Offer – Show your Pioneer Holiday (Break) Spirit

DU students have begun their long winter break from November 21st until January 6th. But there are no breaks for DU’s student-athletes. DU Volleyball is competing for an NCAA Tournament berth starting Saturday night (6:00 pm MT) and Sunday afternoon (2:00 pm MT). Denver Hockey is trying to secure its first NCHC win against a tough Western Michigan team with two 7:07 starts Friday and Saturday night.


LetsGoDU and the founder of the Go Denver Pioneers Spirit Fund are extending a special ticket offer for Denver Volleyball this weekend. Fans who go to the DU ticket window prior to either/both of this weekend’s DU Volleyball matches and ask for the “LetsGoDU Special” will get up to 4 tickets -FOR FREE. We will provide 50 free tickets for each of DU’s weekend matches.  And remember, two wins by Denver Volleyball will earn the Pioneers their 6th consecutive NCAA playoff appearance.

(Reminder: If you have tickets for hockey at the Ritchie Center,  you can watch both volleyball (6:00 pm MT) and hockey (7:07 pm) on Saturday night, too.)

3 thoughts on “LetsGoDU Special Offer – Show your Pioneer Holiday (Break) Spirit”

  1. DU’s winter break is way too long. 18-22 year olds don’t have to be home for Thanksgiving. Dunker’s most memorable Thanksgiving weekends were spent in mountain resorts or in Vegas. Start classes later in September and have a week of classes after Thanksgiving then exams.

  2. Agree Anon. They should start later and end 1Q after Thanksgiving. I understand the effort to save students a trip home but this is way too long. If Dunker was in Denver that long, he would have set-up his real estate empire here instead of Jersey.

  3. The long break length is actually a big selling future to regular students, who can earn more money in their part-time jobs if working on their long breaks, getting an early bird job advantage over semester school students. That matters a lot when 85% of the school is getting financial aid, and these student jobs are really important to many of them, who aren’t visiting resorts. For others, there is more time to travel abroad, take an interterm class and or visit friends at other schools.

    For DU athletics, the long break is a mixed bag. Our athletes get a long time without worrying about school in the month of December, which the coaches love, as they can concentrate on their sports without distraction.

    What they don’t love is disruptive final exams in mid-November and the rest of the student body being away so long, creating a lack of atmosphere in home games over the break. It’s a big problem in basketball, where the virtually whole non-league hoop schedule takes place during DU’s break, making for no home atmosphere until January, when the season is half over by then.

    There are also some annoying athlete food realities with the dorm food service is closed during break.

    All in all though, DU loves the quarter system. The ability to take 1/3 more courses over four years allows kids to take more courses, have more choices, and execute requirements for more multiple minors and majors.

    I don’t see it changing anytime soon, as it is very popular.

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