Colorado College Offers a Familiar Rebrand

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Colorado College’s athletics rebrand is sure to make Tiger nation blush.

Interlocking C’s, similar to Chanel, are part of the new refresh as Colorado College adopted a new logo and moniker this past week. “The double C’s provide a backwards glimpse to a glorious past and a nod to the college’s bright future,” according to a press release.

Image result for chanel logo
The new logo presents an eerie resemblance to Chanel, a women’s luxury¬† brand

The flattery continues with a new Tiger which looks amazingly like the University of Missouri Tiger. For comparison’s sake, we superimposed the Missouri Tiger on the Colorado College Tiger shield below:

Colorado College logo 4

It appears CC’s brand consulting and graphic design agency, Joe Bosack and Co., simply moved the University of Missouri Tiger’s head 15 degrees to the left and called it a day. Sure Tiger’s look alike but this is an uncanny ‘rebrand.’

We’ll have more on CoCo’s new Tiger mascot next weekend when they hold an official groundbreaking ceremony on the new on-campus Robson Arena.

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