UND…The Land of the ‘Sioux’

The Star-Spangled Banner precedes every NCAA hockey game. However, hockey fans of the University of North Dakota, conclude the national anthem with, “And the home of the brave Sioux.”

So, we wanted to find out why North Dakota hockey fans changed the final lyric to this traditional salute to the United States of America.

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“My uncle was in the service. We already have ‘brave’ covered”, said Eddie Franklin (left).
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Dale Alvin Gribble of Rollette says, “Out of respect, I always sing ‘brave’ – but I NEVER take off my Peterbilt hat!
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“Around here, it is Sioux hockey, death, taxes and child support – in that order!” said JB Fisher  of Drayton
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“Sure, ‘Home of the Sioux’ is offensive to some folks. I think Fords are offensive.” said Chevy truck owner Del Morrison of  Ray, North Dakota.

At press time, there was still no explanation offered about a possible link between this behavior to the North Dakota hockey team, which is known as the Fighting Hawks.

One thought on “UND…The Land of the ‘Sioux’”

  1. One thing I find classy is the Pioneers standing still during the anthem while the other teams are fidgeting around on their blue line. A lot of guys are from other countries and still have enough class to show respect for another country’s anthem.

    It says a lot about how North Dakota fans treat hockey as a religion first, and everything else a distant second place.

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