CC’s Robson Arena Groundbreaking Postponed

A scheduled groundbreaking ceremony for a new, Colorado College on-campus hockey arena, Robson Arena, was postponed indefinitely Saturday afternoon when outgoing Colorado College President Jill Tiefenthaler’s missing 2018 Range Rover was discovered in the construction site. Tiefenthaler, who was recently named the new CEO of National Geographic Society in January of 2020, was set to leave Colorado College in August of 2020, but obviously, her map-reading skills still need some work or the Delta House Chapter has been reactivated.

The official groundbreaking ceremony for Colorado College’s Ed Robson Arena was scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 15, at 2 p.m. MST on the school’s campus. Disappointed attendees were turned away shortly before the ceremony was to begin.

Pre-construction excavation work Saturday morning located the vehicle at the southwest corner of the site.

Before the Range Rover was discovered, CC fans and alums were introduced to CC’s new mascot – Pat the Pacifist Cat. Pat the Cat will be replacing Prowler – the prior athletic mascot.

Colorado College Mascot 5

Tiefenthaler’s automobile was reported missing January 5th. The outgoing college president had no comment.

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