As Football Decisions are Made, Fall Sports Could Evaporate this Week

Various outlets from around the country have reported that college presidents from the Big 10 have voted against playing football this fall. The PAC 12 is said to be in a similar position. After emergency meetings over the weekend, the two conferences are reportedly reaching out to the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 to gain a consensus among the Power Five. The potential move of football to the spring would have far-reaching consequences for spring sports.

The Power 5 conferences have used football to cover the cost of their non-revenue sports and the astronomical costs of running a football program. If football is moved to the spring, these schools are sure to drive all D1 conference fall sports into the spring.  And, even in the spring, there is no guarantee the environment will be safer for players, coaches, staff, and fans.

If football is deemed unsafe to play this Fall, it’s entirely likely that the same determination will be made for all Fall sports. The Summit League has already pushed back the start of the Fall season and instituted a conference-only format if a season is even to be played. If Fall sports are indeed canceled – it certainly appears that given the current climate and lack of effective action taken against the pandemic around the country, we are headed in that direction – Denver’s first fall casualties would include men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball. And that is to say nothing of hockey, a winter sport by definition, which is set to begin play in October – just two months from now.

As this situation develops this week, we will update you as we learn more.

One thought on “As Football Decisions are Made, Fall Sports Could Evaporate this Week”

  1. Sure, football money is a big issue.

    But the bigger issue that college presidents are worried about is balancing needed and vital revenue from tuition, room and board, sports and fees with the big threat of liability/exposure if someone dies because of COVID.

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