Summit League Ditches Fall Sports

In an news release Monday afternoon, the Summit League announced the postponement of all conference fall sports to the spring.


Fall collegiate sports will be postponed until the spring of 2021 when, hopefully, COVID-19 vaccines and treatment are expected to be more readily available. The fate of DU hockey has not been made by the NCHC to this point. While this decision became more likely over the past several days, the loss of spring sports will be a disappointment to many and a reminder that these times are anything but ‘normal’.

The Summit League will hold a press conference tomorrow and we will report additional details as they become available.

6 thoughts on “Summit League Ditches Fall Sports”

  1. Inevitable. The liability is simply too great right now. You can’t put college athletes in a bubble as you can with pros. The effect of those three fall sports moving to spring is basically negligible. Not that many people would have turned up to watch most Summit league opponents anyway.

    The big one here is that we need to be worried about is hockey, and if that gets cancelled this year, the effect could be huge for a school like DU. where the good players all have other hockey options, assuming those other hockey leagues decide to play.

    Some or all DU’s European players will likely stay there and sign Euro contracts — Tuomisto, Chrona, Heikkenen.

    The NHL may sign its drafted North American guys (Brink, Guttman, Demin, and Stapely).

    Major Junior will probably take Savoie, Irwin, Benning and Webster away from Denver, while the AHL or ECHL may look good to guys like Mendel, Olischefski and Barrow.

    Nobody wants a year off…

  2. Uhhh…Reid Irwin ain’t headed to MJ….he is out of juniors eligibility. You call yourself ‘Puck Swami’? Hmmm. Seem more like ‘Puck Dunce’ to me. Your lack of the basic eligibility requirements for hockey is glaring. Wow…However, if anyone comes here for true hockey knowledge, a misstep has been made. LOL.

    Carry on, ignorance definitely luvs company.

  3. You were right about Irwin, Becky. He’s too old for MJ, so it’s probably AHL for him if he doesn’t sit out.

    I am so glad you picked up my egregious, ignorant mistake on a player’s birth year.

    I am sitting here in the corner in my Dunce cap.

    It must be nice to be perfect like you.

  4. Swami-Tough crowd this am? Thanks for all you do on LGDU and behind the scenes! Becky- Welcome to LGDU. Who pissed in your Cheerios?

  5. I think Becky is really ‘Karen’. The last times Puck Swami made a mistake, Troy Terry was skating on twin blades and looking for his pacifier instead of the 5-hole. That being said, one more mistake and he is banished to the Sioux Sports Forum.

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