Top 10 Things We Won’t Miss with Fall Athletics Postponed

(Assuming hockey and hoops start with conference games only in January).

  • DU fans pleading to bring football back to the DU campus
  • Snow soccer
  • Omaha men’s soccer pretending that they really have a chance

  • DU volleyball seeded against a Top-5 opponent in the NCAA Tournament first-round – AGAIN!
  • Men’s basketball non-conference game against Johnson & Wales cooking school in Hamilton gym

Johnson & Wales 2

  • Arizona State hockey rolling out new uniforms in all four non-conference games against DU
  • The German Oompah band at Homecoming
  • Crying during George Gwozdecky’s induction into DU’s 2020 Hall of Fame
  • Swim team in Speedos during DU women’s volleyball
  • IUPUI-Fort Wayne (Who?) fleeing the Summit League for the Horizon League.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things We Won’t Miss with Fall Athletics Postponed”

  1. Spend millions of dollars DU doesn’t have for a sport with shaky days ahead (even before COVID). Build a stadium far from campus because we don’t have the room, so we can host sexy opponents like Davis. Build morale by getting demolished by PAC opponents in paycheck games. Trash the ecosystem that has made the Ritchie Center one of the most successful athletic departments in the country. Other than that I really think DU fans calling for football are onto something!

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