Colorado College Moves to Remote Learning

Despite their best efforts to launch campus classes, Colorado College administrators announced a move to off-campus learning yesterday. The Fall block started on August 24th and ends September 16th.

One possible cause for the spread was filming a Tik Tok dance video filmed on Cascade Avenue featuring 400 CC students who performed Vampire Weekend by A-Punk.

Another indication that the fall session might be short-lived was on display during a hockey scrimmage Monday. Due to the bubble uniforms worn by the team, they were unable to hold sticks and could only kick the puck in a 0-0 OT scrimmage.

Bubble 2

On a positive note, Colorado College students expect the Vampire Weekend Tik Tok video to be posted early next week. Hopes are high that it will go viral, you know, like the…never mind, too soon.

Top Photo: Freshmen Tiffany Robertson of Grosse Point, Michigan and Bebe Brookfield of Hollywood, California created ‘safety bubbles” for the first-year students but their efforts were not enough to salvage Block 1.

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