DU Eyes Scorecard Instead of Fall Scoreboards in COVID-19 Battle

DU’s affable Chancellor Jeremy Haefner is employing transparency along with an active communication plan and zero tolerance to provide DU the best possible chance to maintain on-campus learning this fall. And it’s working – so far.

One coach told LetsGoDU that there is a “zero tolerance policy” for following COVID-19 guidelines at DU and added, “There is too much at stake”. While some parents and students chafe at the restrictions, DU has held strong against demands to loosen the reins.

The stakes are huge – $75 million may hang in the balance.

DU has developed a public scorecard that gives visibility to COVID-19 infections on the DU campus and students and staff can track outbreaks using the Everbridge phone app which performs contact tracing. The University of Denver experienced a spike when the school opened in September but is currently experiencing a manageable 2-3% infection rate. Nearly 9,000 tests have been conducted since July 31st and the rate remains steady with a gradual upward trajectory.

Clearly, the University of Denver is not over the hump just like the rest of the country. With an anticipated resurgence of COVID-19 in the late fall and winter, DU must continue to be diligent. But it is clear that the University is making an extraordinary effort to complete the fall term while other universities have been forced to off-campus learning.

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