Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

This year we are especially grateful for DU Athletics providing many of us a welcome distraction from Covid-19. Special thanks to the DU Administration for supporting DU athletics during this time. And, let’s not forget that many of our incredible coaches and athletes who have an abbreviated holiday away from family and friends as they hit the courts, ice, ski slopes and fields to entertain us.

Thanks for reading and supporting LetsGoDU. And, Go Pioneers!


9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays”

  1. Amid all of the bad news this year there is one glaring good news item .
    This is the year when we finally put a stop to that nonsense of changing out our Poineer nic

    1. Friend – I hope whatever planet you live on is having amazing holiday weather.

      Several DU colleges (including the entire College of Arts & Humanities) have called for the nickname to go. Student groups are bringing in experienced activists to advise them. At a Day of the Day event on the campus green this fall students had a table set up with Malcolm X, MLK and others with a message that they’re equally as dedicated to retiring the Pioneer nickname.

      My point is – If you don’t want CJH or a future chancellor saying “the nickname isn’t worth it anymore” the last thing I would be saying is “time to put my feet up…the war is over!”

      Go Pios!

  2. Miss live DU sports so much. I live next to campus and have season tickets to many of them. Thank goodness for the on line broadcasts…………..’

  3. Thanks LGDU for easing the Pandemic woes and depression by keeping us involved and educated. Sometimes even amused. Keep up the great work.
    This may seem odd, but it’s been an odd 9+ months. Honestly the past 3 weeks are probably the best I’ve ever had watching DU sports. I live in NJ. Thanks to various streaming services, I’ve seen 10 hockey games and 6 basketball games. ALL Live. What a wonderful respite even though the results were disappointing. I support our teams no matter what.
    Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a spectacular 2021. You all stay healthy. The CV end is in sight.

    Peace, Dunker

  4. It’s been a horrible year, full of death, disruption and socio-political fallout outside the doors of our homes. Our forced retreat into relative seclusion has been mostly a curse, but at the same time, I think it also provided more time to think about, read about and share our sense of what it is to be Pioneers.

    I’m so glad that the technology exists to link all of us — so that what write and post here can appear on screens around the world to inform and entertain you the instant we post it, and that our online community of DU fans exists in relative safety of our own homes and devices.

    We achieved an important realization this year from DU that the Pioneer nickname should stay, but don’t think for a minute that this a permanent solution yet. Every new chancellor will likely face this decision and the pressure that comes with it, and the only way this issue really fades is if DU embraces Pioneers as a verb, instead of merely tolerating it, as they do now.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Thanks for all who write articles, advocate for the Pioneer moniker, and provide coverage and analysis of DU sports. I’ve spend this past year following from Ecuador, where the lockdowns were real and strict. A nice diversion to see what’s happening back in Denver. Let’s hope 2021 returns us to the norm, both on the playing field and in life.

  6. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all Pioneer fans. I’m glad we are close to finally turning the page on a very surreal, disastrous, and angst-ridden year. Here’s hoping 2021 shows us the path to some degree of a return to normalcy.

    Major kudos to all the folks who work and contribute to LetsGoDU. A job well done! It’s required reading for me.

  7. Thanks for the continued coverage of sports and other topics concerning our alma mater. It is much appreciated, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. You guys do a great job.

    Horrible year, but (subject to further COVID regressions) it can probably only get better from here on out. Looking forward to 2021 or maybe 2022, when Pioneer athletics and DU as a whole can go at full speed.

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