Mysterious ‘Orb’ Discovered in Omaha

After an unexplained monolith was sighted in Utah late last year, a new mysterious ‘orb’ has appeared on the University of Nebraska Omaha campus. The newly discovered unidentified object was reported Tuesday morning in front of UNO’s Arts and Sciences Hall.

The Director of UNO’s Aviation Institute, Scott Tarry, PhD,  believes the structure offers itself as an excellent example of bi-modal travel. “It appears to be able to roll on terrain and the three holes on the surface are like dimples on a golf ball which allow the sphere to travel smoothly through the earth’s atmosphere.”

The UNO Student newspaper, The Gateway, pondered broader questions about the cataclysmic event.

Anthropology professor Dr. Alan Osborn is studying the hieroglyphic markings on the bottom side of the massive orb. “The object has an eerily familiar look and feel. It is clear – intelligent life is trying to communicate with us. They are using our lettering system to signal knowledge of our alphabet and there is a primitive drawing of a human – perhaps wielding a weapon. All these are fascinating artifacts and need to be studied more before we draw any firm conclusions.”

“Unique markings may signal intelligent life”

UNO scientists are conducting further studies to discover what propels the spherical object. Preliminary analysis suggests the object is externally powered.

UNO plans additional studies to learn more about the mysterious orb before releasing a final report. Assuming the foreign object poses no additional risks, the Pioneers travel to Omaha to face the Mavericks Saturday in Omaha at 6:07 MT.

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