Final DU-CC Series Canceled – Exclusive Photos Capture CC’s Final Game at Broadmoor World Arena

A cold evening greeted a fan who waited pensively for the doors to open for what turned out to be a final time.
Colorado College enjoyed the World Arena locker room for a final time – not knowing this marked the final night in the old barn.

CC salutes their fans with hopes of a Gold Pan return. It was not to be as DU won the coveted mining utensil at Magness Arena and the NCHC pulled the plug on the final DU home-and-away series.

Both teams will lace them up at the single-elimination NCHC tournament in Grand Forks in two weeks. Denver faces Omaha in first-round action.

Top photo: Head Coach Mike Haviland takes a timeout to draw up the Tiger power play.

3 thoughts on “Final DU-CC Series Canceled – Exclusive Photos Capture CC’s Final Game at Broadmoor World Arena”

  1. Honestly, I am glad the last two games CC were cancelled. With the Gold Pan already won by DU and no standings advantage to get nor pairwise to improve, DU’s road to the NCAAs is only going be happen by winning the three playoff games in Grand Forks.

    Much better to be rested, healed and prepared for that battle in Grand Forks than play two meaningless games against CC.

  2. I’m ambivalent about the games being cancelled. On the one hand, there wouldn’t have been anything very tangible to gain, except additional bragging rights vs CC. On the other hand, given the uneven performance of this DU team this season, an additional couple of games to build confidence (in particular from a goaltending standpoint) and sharpen the special teams could have been a good thing.

    Am I the only one who has a strange sense of confidence heading into this conference tournament? I can definitely see DU getting hot and winning three games. Pios are a dangerous opponent. That said, it’ll be a tall task, and I can also see DU flaming out and losing in the 1st round. Who knows what we’ll see from DU squad……..

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