LetsGoDU Super-Poll™: Pioneers Once Again Favored to Win National Hockey Title

LetsGoDU has released our 17th annual hockey Super-Poll™ for the 2021-22 season. As always, a host of ‘criteria’ are fed into the supercomputer at Goddard Computing Center to determine the nation’s top-10 collegiate hockey teams. The Denver Pioneers find themselves in the top slot once again for the 17th consecutive season.

Here’s our top ten:

10. Arizona State – Johnny Walker, the player not the drink, is back for the Sun Devils. Still, being the best hockey player in Phoenix is like being the best mountain climber in Miami.

9. Minnesota State University – In a national quiz, more people could guess how many ping pong balls fit in a tennis ball can (17) than name the hometown of Minnesota State University (Mankato).

8. Boston College – Just as a soft defense can’t protect a solid netminder,  a lobster bib does little good when the Golden Eagles fall face-first into their clam chowder.

7. Minnesota – Once again, the Gophers let the big one get away.  Ole and Sven will still be ice fishing when the Gophers stow their sticks.

6. UMass-Amherst – Number one in arrogance, the defending champs catch an edge on their over-inflated egos.

5. We’ve seen this movie before. The Fighting Hawks, the sixth most penalized team in college hockey last season,  act tough but a long season of under-achievement leaves them dabbing away each other’s tears, followed by a group hug.

4. Michigan – The Wolverines’ last title was in 1998, the year Google was founded. Can you Google underachievers?

3. St. Cloud State – Garrison Keillor, a famous storyteller from St. Cloud, tells anecdotes about fictional characters. His fanciful tales extend to local fans who believe that the Huskies will compete for a national championship. If you buy into that yarn, meet us at the victory parade next to Lake Wobegon.

2. Minnesota Duluth – The Pioneers will muzzle the Bulldogs whose bark is much worse than their bite.

1. Denver – En route to a ninth national title, Denver races to an unblemished 34-0-0 regular-season record, matching Scotts Turf Builder formula (34/nitrogen – 0/phosphorus – 0/potassium). In turn, Scotts rewards each Denver team member with a $63,000 endorsement deal under the new Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules.

Denver players will celebrate the NCHC Broadmoor Cup & Scotts Turf Builder during the 2021-22 season.

57. Colorado College – For the first time ever, the Tigers move up 3 slots to 57, playing in the new Ed Robson Arena. The Tigers bolt past the idle programs of Robert Morris, Alaska, and Alabama-Huntsville.

* The LetsGoDU Super Poll is a scientific analysis using 1,200 Monte Carlo simulations factoring strength of schedule, player statistics, and coaching tendencies. Then, Denver is placed in the one spot, CC is placed last and the rest of the teams more or less settle where they might finish.

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  1. Glad to see the Let’sGo DU Super Poll is always consistent from year to year in determining the first and last-place finishers.

    Drop the puck!

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