Culture Clash as Denver Travels to Omaha

Denver hockey travels to Omaha this upcoming weekend. The two-game set will feature a clash of styles and cultures – both on and off the ice. A casual review of Twitter comments proves the point:

Denver coaches and staff are ignoring all the noise. Instead, focusing on a course of understanding, compassion and engagement. DU officials emphasized that the trip is similar to a cultural exchange when the team can interact with “common folk who have the same needs, desires as us but are ‘more simple and less complex’ in terms of how they live, work and think.”

Below are several slides from the team’s trip pack.

These folks work the fields and put food on our table. Extend a hand of thanks to all the field workers you meet.
 Even with a pitchfork in hand, locals mean you no harm.
Their vehicles can cost as much as a BMW 750i!
The people love their animals. Sometimes, too much.
Many residents live in homes on wheels. Some natives even go on vacation in their homes!

Denver faces Omaha at Baxter Arena on Friday and Saturday at 6 pm MT.

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