Denver Boone Delivers Goddard Auction Proceeds to Colorado College

We told you about the eBay auction and sale of Damien Goddard’s authentic flight suit. One of Goddard’s emissaries, Denver Boone, delivered the check to Colorado College this past week as promised.

Goddard’s one-of-a-kind flight suit generated interest from bidders around the country.

Unable to make the delivery personally, a humble Damien Goddard brushed off praise, “Like most of my philanthropic endeavors, I like to run ‘under the radar’ and do what is right rather than bask in public accolades. I want to truly make a difference in growing front-range hockey and bring back a semblance of DI hockey to the Springs.”

Denver Boone conducts a 45 minute meet-and-greet on busy Cascade Avenue.

And what does Goddard make of the impact of this gift to Tiger Hockey? “The CC slogan Scientia et Disciplina (learning through hard work) isn’t going to cut it anymore. Anyone who has witnessed my career realizes that hard work has nothing to do with it. They (CC) need boys who can skate!”

Denver Boone battles Colorado Springs allergies.

Denver faces Colorado College this Friday in the Springs and returns to Magness Arena Saturday night at 7:00 pm to play the Tigers in the final game of the regular season.

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  1. I’m sure that extra 57 cents will make a HUGE difference in CC’s recruiting efforts. Good job !!!!

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