10 Reasons To Dislike the University of Michigan

  1. Don Canham, former U of M Athletic Director, led the charge to take Michigan out of the old WCHA, Denver’s former conference, in order to save money and not have to fly Michigan hockey to Colorado, while reconstituting the then-CCHA as an upper-midwestern hockey bus league back in 1981, taking Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Michigan Tech, along with his Wolverines.
  2. Maize and blue? It’s called, “Yellow & Navy” by folks that don’t wear tweed jackets and smoke pipes.
  3. If Michigan’s hockey arena is named after Fielding H. Yost – a FOOTBALL coach,  shouldn’t Big Blue name The Big House (Michigan Stadium) Red Berenson Stadium?
  4. Michigan’s current hockey head coach Mel Pearson allegedly told players to lie on COVID-19 contact tracing forms before the 2021 NCAA Tournament. What other tests are they cheating on?
  5. U of M has more bandwagon fans than Notre Dame. Most of their gameday crowd have their certificates from Dearborn Middle School. Michigan Football: Top 10 Running Backs Of All Time - Page 4
  6. It is illegal to cuss in front of women or children in the State of Michigan. U of M lost 6-1 to Ohio State this season in hockey. No cussing in front of women and children? Just ask Buckeye fans.
  7. Michigan is a football school – well, at least until the College Football Playoff Semifinal.
  8. The Wolverines have so many ongoing investigations into their hockey program that their law firm, WilhelmHale, is listed on the hockey staff directory.
  9. Michigan has dodged the Pios in regular-season hockey for more than 40 years.  Former DU skipper Jim Montgomery finally scheduled a weekend series in Denver with U of M to take place at Magness Arena in 2018. But shortly before the 2018 DU schedule was released, the Wolverines bailed on DU and scheduled a weak Vermont team at home. DU was forced to find a late replacement in Alaska-Fairbanks. Denver and Western Michigan have more in common than we thought…
  10. Former Michigan all-American, NHL star, and Wolverine head coaching legend Red Berenson, a Saskatchewan junior star who was once recruited by DU and Michigan to play college hockey, chose Michigan over Denver because, he said, “some of the guys that went to Denver, I just didn’t have a lot of respect for them as students.”   That’s pretty rich, coming from a guy who was arrested for public urination on a public library wall (and then drunken driving) in 1994 at the age of 55.

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Dislike the University of Michigan”

  1. For me, the biggest three reasons – DU is 0-3 vs Michigan in NCAA play:

    1. Michigan knocked DU out of the NCAA regional in 2002, after top seeded DU was assigned to the West Regional, hosted by #4 seed, Michigan. That was the game that Denver was assigned to Michigan’s regular locker room, as top seed. Michigan didn’t like that. Old timers say Yost Ice Arena was never louder than when the Wolverines came back to beat Denver on a Jed Ortmeyer goal late in the third period.

    2. Michigan knocked DU out of the 1999 NCAA regional in Worcester, Mass. DU had a three goal lead in that game. Michigan called time out, and scored 5 unanswered goals to sink the Pios.

    3. Michigan also beat Denver for the 1964 NCAA title in Denver. Those who were there tell me it was awful…


  2. Swambo i remember that time out and the ensuing disaster like it was yesterday. it still hurts.
    Revenge time

  3. Well, nothing like a little Rocky Mountain High to get some mildly humorous (when sober) and hilarious (when the edible tin is empty) trash talk started….As an M fan, I approve, especially as I detect a partially concealed respect for Red and what he’s done for hockey and dried out brick walls…..

    1. Indeed, John ewing. Long time Denver fans respect and certainly envy Michigan as a “pioneer” of college hockey, winning all those 1950s titles in Colorado. Chasing after Michigan’s nine NCAA titles is a bit of a raison d’être for Denver (we are right behind you at 8 titles). We admit our jealousy straight up and we’re trying like hell to tie you guys at nine.

      How can you not respect a program that has beaten Denver all three times they have played in NCAA? How can you not respect the amazing fan enthusiasm at Yost, something we can only dream about in mellow/oversaturated Denver? How can you not respect The SEVEN first round draft picks on this year’s M team? Jesus. That’s frickin amazing. Denver’s had four first round draft picks in our ENTIRE history as a program.

      One of our first hockey coaches at Denver was a Michigan all-American, Neil Celly in the 50s, who won 64% of his games at DU.

      And yes, Red Berenson commands respect around the entire game of hockey, 30 year old pissy walls notwithstanding.

      We also like Vic Heyliger, the coaching architect of the Michigan dynasty in the 1950s, who came out to Colorado start the hockey program at Air Force in the ‘mid 60s and early 70s, and helped build hockey in Colorado after his Michigan days were over. And John Matchefts, who was a Michigan star player on Heyliger’s 50s dynasty and who took over Air Force for a few years after Vic retired. Always a gentleman…

      You’ve set a high bar, Michigan.

      But we Pios are coming for you next week.

      We want nine, too.

  4. DU is 46-36-1 all time vs Michigan, and DU has won 3 national titles since Michigan won its last. And Ohio State has beaten Michigan in football 16 out of last 17 games. I think Michigan is more worthy of pity than jealousy.

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