DU Releases Frozen Four Ticket Plan for Boston

*Unlike prior year Frozen Four packages, each session ticket will be sold separately (for an additional $135 if purchased via DU) as teams advance to the Saturday final. Session 1 includes both games with no pass-out between games. If DU loses, DU ticket customers must find tickets via other outlets to purchase tickets to the final game on Saturday.

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9 thoughts on “DU Releases Frozen Four Ticket Plan for Boston”

  1. How disappointing but not surprising that you have to make a payment to even get in line to get NCAA tickets. At least time they are being up front about it. DU continues to cultivate their elitist, woke attitude. This has Brandon McNeil’s fingerprints all over it.

  2. Great way to encourage attendance and donations to the program! (That is sarcasm in case the administration does not recognize it.) Very short sighted.

  3. Each school gets a finite number of tickets. This distribution method is done by all participating schools. You always have the opportunity to purchase tickets directly or on the secondary market if you can do better.

  4. ‘Finite’ number of tickets is actually in the middle hundreds. From that tiny allotment, schools have to take care of player families, key administrators, donors, sponsors, etc. Of course, they are going take care of major donors first, and $150 is a relatively low threshold to get in line for a shot. I’m sure $150 donors would not get a sniff at Michigan or Minnesota. It’s a National Championship weekend in a premium, high cost city.

  5. Anyone know where the DU seating section will be? Where is the team and fans staying in Boston?

    1. Usually, the ticket allotment for the four schools goes to corner seating. I believe the Marriott is the main hotel but Boston has many hotel options near TD Garden.

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