Local Boy Stripped of Scoring Title

A Denver area Squirt youth hockey player, Bert Grossmeier, was stripped of his scoring record due to an equipment violation. Grossmeier skated for the Evergreen Warriors. Bert scored a record-breaking 12 goals in the 2nd period against the Loveland Ice Caps on May 22nd, erasing the national mark of 10 goals by a squirt player in a single period. However, Grossmeier took to the ice wearing a Denver Commemorative Championship Boone Jersey during his epic scoring spree, refusing to don his team’s kit. As a result, the Squirt scoring record was stripped by the USA Hockey governing board.

Grossmeier’s mother, Jenny, told the Evergreen Canyon Courier, “Bert refused to wear anything else, on or off the ice” since they received his Commemorative Championship Boone Jersey from the Friends of DU Hockey.  “Bert was thrilled that $25.00 from each sweater sale would go to support DU hockey- his favorite team!” Ms. Grossmeier went on to state that the 4-5 weeks between ordering and receiving the jersey was long but, “these are custom, one-of-a-kind jerseys for only $82!”

“I’d rather have the jersey than the record,” said Bert to local reporters.

Ms. Grossmeier ordered a second sweater for Bert to soften the blow of losing the scoring record. Bert’s nickname was placed on the back of the jersey – ‘Sniper’-  free of charge!

Jenny’s husband, Mike, in a show of solidarity with his son, ordered the Championship Logo Jersey. “Mike usually wears a large,” said Jenny, “but the medium fits him like a glove.” And the name on the back of the jersey? Sniper’s Dad.

Bert’s father ordered the Commemorative Championship logo jersey.

Concluded Ms. Grossmeier, “Some things are just more important than records.”

These commemorative hockey jerseys are made and marketed by the Friends of DU hockey and are not licensed by the University of Denver. Friends of DU Hockey are not an agent of the University of Denver. The link to order these sweaters is the exclusive place to order these commemorative jerseys.

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  1. This figures. USA Hockey is a money making business that only cares about selling their own clothing to rednecks to line their own pockets.

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