Commemorative DU Hockey Jerseys Take New York Fashion Week by Storm

While most of the nation’s sports fans were focused on the start of the NFL season, Denver hockey fans were riveted by New York Fashion Week. The most “fall” thing about the NYFW runways is the sheer dominance of crimson and gold. Sure, there are shearling and suede nods to chilly weather elegance, but it’s the playful embellishments — the bows, the crystals, the jersey collar laces — and the vibrant colors that were the fab takeaways from New York this season. It was the splash from the Denver commemorative hockey jersey that stole the show, featuring their ninth national championship collection on the New York City runway.

This season top designers, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez,  felt a strong urge to move away from the soft draping and midi lengths of their recent collections to a new, bright college sports theme. This fall offers an oversized hockey jersey with an intricate print featuring comfort and movement.  The designing duo happened to turn on the TV to see Denver hockey in their championship-clinching game. “Ironically, I went to Colorado College but had never seen college hockey. It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind commemorative jersey, which blankets the wearer in a protective layer of strength and confidence,” Hernandez said backstage. McCollough put it another way, “It’s about demonstrating power and perfection in a world that’s unraveling.”

And what is ‘out’ this season? “Green and black is so 2016!” said McCollough. What about yellow and black? “Only for bees,” stated Hernandez.

This season’s must-have fall collection

With just a few short weeks until the start of college hockey, Denver hockey takes center stage. Order your fashion-forward commemorative hockey jersey here.

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  1. ironically, the designer said he went to Colorado College and had never seen a college hockey game. Duh. what else does Cc have. Oh, I forgot, smoking pot.

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