Commemorative Hockey Jersey Website Reopens – Expect Delays

We continue to get daily requests for commemorative hockey jerseys celebrating DU’s ninth national hockey championship. Now that many DU fans are seeing these jerseys at games for the first time, fans want to order more. Due to a large number of ongoing customer requests, we are reopening the store. However, there is a hitch – there will be long delays in fulfillment.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer is relocating facilities and the timeline for re-establishing manufacturing operations is uncertain – at least 60 days but possibly even more. That means orders could take the entire length of this hockey season before the manufacturer catches up on all their backorders and processes our orders. We have looked at alternative suppliers but the quality and look are not nearly as good as these sweaters.

Two jerseys are available, Boone Hockey with the championship seal on the sleeve or the championship seal on the front and the #9 banner on the sleeve.

The Commemorative jerseys come in adult and youth sizes.

Remember to order one size down because these are real hockey jerseys and take into account pads. You can add a name to the back free of charge. Also, as before, $25 from the sale of each sweater goes to the DU hockey program. The price remains at $82.00 plus shipping. The store will remain open until January 15th and we will batch the orders then to determine if we want to extend the offer. So, if interested, order now.

These custom commemorative hockey jerseys are made and marketed by the Friends of DU Hockey and are not licensed by the University of Denver. Friends of DU Hockey is not an agent of the University of Denver.

Thank you for your patience! Order HERE.

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