Conspiracy Theories Abound as DU & UND Prepare to Hit the Ice at Magness Arena

A University of North Dakota sports blog has posited a number of theories about NCHC favoritism and referee bias when it comes to the Denver Pioneers. After carefully reviewing their theories, we would like to share the most fascinating ones with our readers:

  • NCHC Commissioner (and former DU employee) Heather Weems is still on the DU payroll.
  • Careful observation of the Magness Arena Zamboni shows chemtrails coming out of the tailpipe.
  • Alex Jones said so.
  • The referee locker room at Magness has a color TV.
  • Shhhhhhhhh…microchips.
  • The Ritchie Center has a ‘grassy knoll.’
Grassy knoll!
  • The same people who say DU doesn’t cheat are the same gullible people who believe astronauts actually landed on the moon.
  • The NCHC head of officials and policeman, Don Adam (a Colorado resident), drives a Mercedes-AMG G 63.
Photo: Courtesy of the imagination of the Sioux Sports Forum
  • The Illuminati escaped from the shuttered Safeguard Complex in North Dakota and set up shop in Magness Arena.
  • The conference is guided by Lizard People. Look carefully at the first draft of the NCHC logo:

With the ongoing and appreciated support of the NCHC and the officials, DU will be hosting North Dakota at 7:00 pm MT on Friday and 6:00 pm MT on Saturday.

(Note to North Dakota fans: this article is REAL.)

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