LetsGoDU Launches Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Clothing Line

LetsGoDU is excited to announce the launch of a lacrosse-branded clothing line for men and women.  The new product line includes Denver Boone lacrosse. The launch also includes the introduction of ‘Denver Bonnie’ lacrosse as well as our new 5280U™ logo.

Hoodies are available in men’s and women’s sizes with either of the two characters – Denver Boone or Denver Bonnie. The sleeves will have our new 5280U logo on the shoulder.

You can order caps with either Denver Boone lacrosse, Denver Bonnie lacrosse, or the 5280U lax logo on the crown of the cap.

T-shirts are available as well in men’s and women’s sizes and can be ordered with either the Denver Boone or Denver Bonnie lax characters on the chest.

Bonnie (left), 5280U (middle) and Boone (right)

All proceeds will be donated to support men’s and women’s lacrosse programs along with a fund to reimburse our current and future junior writer(s) at LetsGoDU.

This merchandise, made exclusively for LetsGoDU, is not licensed by or sponsored by the University of Denver.

View your purchase options HERE.

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