Travel Tips for CC Hockey Fans Visiting St. Paul

Since CC fans rarely get to the NCHC Frozen Faceoff in St. Paul, we wanted to give Tiger fans these Twin Cities travel tips:

  • While in the Twin Cities, CC fans should visit Minneapolis’ Mall of America. In ‘The Springs’ this would be considered a high-end shopping and dining district. A big plus is an indoor rollercoaster which duplicates the course of CC hockey this season.

  • The Scandinavian term ‘Uff da’ can be used to express surprise, relief, exhaustion, astonishment, and dismay. For example, a CC student might say, “Uff da – and now you tell me there is no career future in the Puppet Arts?”
  • A loon is the state bird or anyone who wagers $100 or more on the Tigers.
  • Scotch tape and velcro were invented in Minnesota! The same stuff is used to keep up hockey socks or to hang CC participation banners.

  • Friday is St. Patrick’s day. Expect to see more drunk Fighting Hawk fans at Xcel Energy Center than congregants at the Colorado Springs New Life Church on Christmas Day.
  • St. Paul was originally called Pigs Eye after the French trapper that homesteaded there. Pig’s Eye is currently slang for something that will never happen –  like employers hiring graduates based on Block 6 Politics of Hot Yoga credits.
  • With the inevitable end of CC’s season Friday afternoon, the Twin Cities has a fine selection of bubble tea cafes, plant-based charcuterie board options, and a vibrant Indie music scene.
  • CC is used to going ‘oh-fer’ against DU but this means something different in Minnesota. This is an accented way of saying “oh, for.” Translated for a Tiger fan, “Oh-fer gosh sakes, we’re now 1-16-1 against the Pioneers since March of 2019.”

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  1. Pig’s Eye (French: L’Oeil du Cochon) was the nickname given to Pierre Parrant because he was blind in one eye. Pierre Parrant operated a tavern in what became known as Saint Paul, Minnesota. Before its current name was established, the city of Saint Paul was named “Pig’s Eye” after his nickname. › wiki
    Pig’s Eye – Wikipedia

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