Move-In Day at the University of Denver

Today is move-in day at the University of Denver for DU’s newest Pioneers. According to the University, approximately 1,470 families will arrive on campus to help their students get settled into their new accomodations for the upcoming school year.

Forty-seven states are represented in this year’s incoming class – the only exceptions being West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi. The Class of 2027 is also made up of students from a total of 27 different countries. Most of the students will require at least a daylong drive or a plane ticket before making it to campus; 72% are traveling from outside of Colorado and nearly two-thirds are from over 500 miles away.

  • 28% from Colorado
  • 16% from the West
  • 12% from the Southwest
  • 18% from the Midwest
  • 5% from the Southeast
  • 16% from the Northeast
  • 3% are international

The admissions staff culled through 20,000 applications. 62% of students applied without submitting test scores. The average high school GPA was 3.77.

According to the news release, several students have also been awarded prestigious scholarships, including three Boettcher Scholars, twenty-two Davis Scholars, and five Daniels Fund recipients.

Welcome to the class of 2027!

4 thoughts on “Move-In Day at the University of Denver”

  1. Move-in day easier in Dunker’s era. My friends and I caught on quickly. Attend move-in day every year and help the coeds move-in. In those days, you could tell a person’s landline 📞 by their room number.

  2. I remember my DU move-in day (back in early-to-mid Pleistocene) like it was yesterday. There were no helpers around to help us on move-in day in the rain…

    That said, I had never even visited the DU campus before that move-in day and knew nobody. My parents just put me on an airplane with just a duffel bag and a typewriter…Best years of my young life!

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