Denver Hockey Launches Gold Rush Third Jerseys

Denver Hockey launched their new alternate uniform on Twitter Thursday. The new kit, dubbed Gold Rush, will debut during Saturday night’s homecoming game against Air Force.

The sweater features crimson lettering and highlights against a gold background. The jersey font features ‘PIONEERS’ in a diagonal format similar to the New York Rangers’ sweater design. Numerals and names are on the back and numbers on the shoulder. A small crimson interlocking DU logo falls below the neck on the back of the jersey. The NCHC patch is positioned on the upper right front of the sweater along with the New Balance logo below the collar. Breezers are crimson and socks are gold with crimson stripes.

The last alternate jersey was introduced in 2019 for DU Hockey’s 70th-anniversary game at Battle on Blake game against Colorado College. Photo courtesy of Denver Athletics

In a rare move, the uniform features the school’s nickname, ‘Pioneers’, on the front of the jersey and moved the arched Denver to the pants.

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All three sweaters will be available for purchase this weekend at Magness Arena and at the DU bookstore per DU Hockey on Twitter.

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8 thoughts on “Denver Hockey Launches Gold Rush Third Jerseys”

  1. I have mixed feelings about these:

    1) GREAT PIONEER LOOK: I love the recognition of our “Pioneers” nickname in an age when our university often avoids using the term, and when DU’s anti-Pioneer school newspaper won’t use “Pioneers” at all in DU sports coverage. Go Pioneers!

    2) DERIVATIVE: While the Rangers were the first to use the diagonal descriptor style in the NHL, I tend to associate the diagonal with Wisconsin in college hockey, which has become iconic for the Badgers. This reminds me of the University of Delaware using Michigan’s iconic winged football helmet because a former Michigan player later coached at Delaware and imported his alma mater’s helmet design.

    3) TRADITION: I think it’s good that this diagonal Pioneers will be a third jersey, rather than used a primary jersey. The arched ‘Denver’ on the front is nearly 75 years of iconic, and should always be our primary jersey.

    4) COLOR: The shiny gold jerseys have been done before, back in the Paul Statsny era of 2005-2007ish, when there was a red “Denver” written in baseball-style script, as well as a pre-2006 gold jersey with the stylized hawk (“Jelly donut”) logo. Both were jettisoned quickly when DU didn’t win when wearing them, so we’ll see how they do in the new duds…At least they aren’t black, which is not an official DU school color, as well as being a color used by our rivals, CC and UND.

  2. I love the new jersey. I look at it as the middle finger to the previous administration that tried an undercover effort to get rid of it. Their reason being something about pioneers killing some indians a couple of hundred years ago or something like that. What east coast nonsense.
    I was part of the “fighting alumni” who took on the imported east coast mush ball staff, including the now departed chancellor. They tried to eliminate our treasured nic, Pioneer by using students who knew nothing about our tradition with why we called ourselves pioneers.
    Our alum body, led by Damian Goddard, rose up and squashed that ridiculous gambit.
    That staff is now mostly departed along with the chancellor. If we could get their new address it would be fitting to mail this new pioneer jersey to each of them.

    As the old proverb goes ” revenge is best served cold”

  3. I was at DU from ’76-’80 and unfortunately the hockey uniforms included Denver Boone and a plain script “Denver”. I liked Boone, but it didn’t belong on team uniforms. No other team (basketball, soccer, baseball, etc.) included Boone. This was an era of DU athletics at a low point (except ’76-’77 hockey but they could not compete post season). I like tradition and the arched “Denver” is tough to beat!

  4. I like the pioneer jersey
    Hopefully DU sells it. It’s so hard now to find any hockey du gear, only official online option is crappy 3rd party bookstore and they barely sell anything at games any more, I can’t find my kid a du hockey jersey- they used to sell lots of merchandise. Now, virtually no kids gear- another brilliant move

    Btw, crappy game and effort last night after first 10 min. Lots of d mistakes and poor effort ( do they even try to block shots). But they’re young and season is just starting

  5. Agree that bookstore does a horrible job with DU gear. I see nothing with the new arched “Denver”. DU could sell lots of gear if they offered good stuff! Other schools really know how to do it!

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