Colorado College Withdraws From US News Rankings, Seeks ‘Good People’

Colorado College announced back in March that they are pulling out of the US News & World Report rankings. In the announcement, the liberal arts college’s President L. Song Richardson stated they are withdrawing “because it (US News) privileges criteria that are antithetical to our values and our aspirational goals.”

‘Environmental variables’ such as applicant name, city and state, high school transcripts, personal interviews, letters of recommendation, jobs, extracurricular activities, clubs and entrance essays are said to be on the chopping block, replaced by a new criterion – ‘good people’.

In order to attract prospective high school seniors, the $79,562/yr. college has launched a marketing campaign: Looking for Tigers of Every Stripe, featuring a tiger blindfold and calls the school a ‘no judgment zone’.

In order to motivate potential high school candidates to visit the Colorado Springs campus, the administration has encouraged current students and staff to “phone a friend” promoting Colorado College. Free cold water immersion sessions will be given to anyone who enrolls a friend at the Colorado Springs campus.

The ceramics department got involved as well. A first-place award went to junior Sarah Kingsbury of Hinsdale, Illinois. Her ceramic kiln-fired pot will be sold at the university’s bookstore with proceeds going to

Kingsbury’s winning entry

In the short-term, Niche, Princeton Review, Forbes and Google reviews have also been asked not to rank or evaluate CC – “Being judged is so unfair,” said Richardson.

DU and CC hockey play a home-and-home early season series this weekend beginning at Magness Arena Friday night at 7:00 pm MT. DU officials have confirmed they will, indeed, be keeping score.

6 thoughts on “Colorado College Withdraws From US News Rankings, Seeks ‘Good People’”

  1. Unfortunately (and sadly), DU is no position to give CC about anything to do with rankings. CC has always done well in its category, and DU has no clue how to play the rankings game.

  2. I like this approach by CC. Innovative and cutting-edge. I might suggest they hire Stuart Smalley as a consultant for this project.

  3. This is going to be a tight series. CC continues to improve, but I think DU still has more talent/depth.

    CC likely has the slight edge in goal, with DU having the edge defensively and offensively. If DU plays to its standard, I think the Pios are still a goal or two better than CC. However, a rivalry series is about keeping your energy high, but your head cool. The Pios are going to need to play the right way to win twice this weekend…

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