Opinion: Be a Part of the Start

So far, we have presented the reasons why we think you should join the DU’s Pioneer Posse and be a first-time season ticket holder for DU basketball.

Why do I care about DU basketball and why should you?

I am convinced that what is going to happen over the next several years is the transformation of the DU men’s basketball program. I am fortunate to live in close vicinity to the DU campus and use the Coors Fitness Center. I get a chance to talk to and observe coaches and players at practice, in the hallways, and at the gym – they are ‘all in’.  The players are excited about ‘playing fast’ and you can see it in their scrimmages, workouts and conditioning sessions. While they will not be undefeated in their new system this upcoming season, no team will out-compete them. They believe in head coach Rodney Billups and his system. Billups in turn has brought in excellent assistant coaches in Ricardo Patton (former CU head Coach), Steve Snell, Dan Ficke and Director of Basketball operations Dwight Thorne. Alum Billups wants to do what has never been done at DU – and I believe he will do it- take DU to the NCAA playoffs for the first time.

They are good. They have a solid returning core from last year – a team that came two free throws away from the conference championship game. They added a local sharp-shooter, a Texas forward and a big guard from Minnesota. They were in nearly every game they played with their solid defensive play. Add Billups ‘play fast’ offense and they are going to be a fun team to watch..

As for the quality of the people, it starts with the players on the floor. Prior to Billups, Joe Scott did an excellent job of bringing in college athletes with character. DU players were never in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Expect the same under Coach Billups. Incoming players will be screened on seven key characteristics and character tops the list. Winning means nothing if DU’s reputation is put at risk for the sake of winning basketball games. It is clear under Rodney Billups that the team will engage with the greater Denver community, too.

Look at the team’s  recent work off campus and you can see that they are reaching out across Denver to make a difference. This is a group of student athletes that we can feel very good about representing us and the University of Denver.

So there you have it. That is why I am ‘all in’ for DU basketball – and I hope you will be too. Good product. Good people.

See you there and go Pioneers!

Tim Thompson DU ’77


There are only two weeks left to join the Pio Posse and get the best seats in the house for $99.00 (1 time only/first-time season ticket buyers). There are only 100 seats available and only two weeks left. The premium seats in Section 20 are located on the lower section of Magness Arena directly behind the DU bench.


  • Go to the ticket office promotions page.
  • Enter the offer code (DUBBALL99)
  • Select seats & purchase
  • Tickets will be sent out in October