Happy Campers Show Pioneer Pride for Breakfast

Photo: DU juniors show Pioneer Pride early Friday morning.

While their peers were likely sleeping in, Juniors Dustin Weilbach – a junior from Littleton and  John Sampson- a Junior from Pennsylvania were the first to set up shop at the Magness Arena door for the annual hockey ticket camp out. You have to be a true Pioneer hockey fan to set up shop on cold concrete to get your tickets for Pioneer hockey.

Congratulations go out to Dustin & John. Who deserves golden tickets more than these two students?


Photo: In the warmer confines of Magness Arena, hockey season ticket envelopes are stuffed and will go into the mail tomorrow – an early Christmas for season ticket holders when the mailman delivers the packages this upcoming week.


Photo: Students settle in for a long Friday night.

Special thanks to super fan Tim Healy for providing these photos