Happy Campers Show Pioneer Pride for Breakfast

Photo: DU juniors show Pioneer Pride early Friday morning.

While their peers were likely sleeping in, Juniors Dustin Weilbach – a junior from Littleton and  John Sampson- a Junior from Pennsylvania were the first to set up shop at the Magness Arena door for the annual hockey ticket camp out. You have to be a true Pioneer hockey fan to set up shop on cold concrete to get your tickets for Pioneer hockey.

Congratulations go out to Dustin & John. Who deserves golden tickets more than these two students?


Photo: In the warmer confines of Magness Arena, hockey season ticket envelopes are stuffed and will go into the mail tomorrow – an early Christmas for season ticket holders when the mailman delivers the packages this upcoming week.


Photo: Students settle in for a long Friday night.

Special thanks to super fan Tim Healy for providing these photos

One thought on “Happy Campers Show Pioneer Pride for Breakfast”

  1. One of the best feelings of every year is pulling one’s Pio season tickets out of the envelope, opening the book and staring at your pristine, unripped tickets. Each one promises 2-3 hours of fun at your school, with your friends, your beer and good times. Each DU team is new each year, and by Christmas, you know them – how they skate, how they mix with their linemates, and how they are developing. At DU, a 20+ win season seems like a birthright. We have it good, folks – real good. Go Pios!

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