AHCA meetings to address critical issues of the day

Photo: North Dakota hockey staff prepare for coaches meetings in Naples, Florida 

As many of you may know, the American Hockey Coaches Association is meeting, starting today in Naples, Florida. LetsGoDU has received exclusive access to the meeting agenda. Below is a copy of the agenda and our recommended solutions for the top four issues facing college hockey today:


Here are the issues faced by the coaches and LetsGoDU’s recommendations.

Issue #1 – Overtime rules vary by conference

Solution: After a tie in regulation, have the goalies face off at mid-ice in full gear, 1-on-1, for two minutes. If no goal is scored, a tire roll for the win.

Issue #2 – ASU seems unable to resolve their lack of a suitable DI arena

Solution: Every time ASU Athletic Director Ray Anderson promises an unmet construction date for a new arena, the Sun Devils lose a football scholarship.

Issue #3 – Institutional recruiting violations of youth hockey players

Solution: Teams caught violating age guidelines can only play music from Nickleback, Creed, and One Direction during arena practice and games for an entire season.

Issue #4 – There is a lack of regional bids to host neutral playoffs sites

Solution: Either move the first round playoffs to the home arenas of the top four seeds or have North Dakota host all four sites to guarantee sellouts.

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