Broadcast Team Gains National Notoriety

The hottest team in Denver (#1 Pioneer hockey (6-2-2) is paired with the hottest broadcast duo in Denver this weekend.

DU reality TV star JJ Lane is paired with his hockey broadcast partner Jay Stickney on the cover of next month’s People Magazine Rockies West edition. The pair are called, “Sexiest Men in the Booth,” – the same edition that labels Blake Shelton as the “sexiest man alive”.

People Magazine was writing a feature story on JJ Lane and his new broadcast role for DU hockey several months ago when his dynamic partner, Jay Stickney,  was ‘discovered’ by the People staff. As the season has progressed, their chemistry has been obvious to local fans at Magness Arena who began to notice wives and girlfriends with one eye on the ice and the other eye on the booth. The broadcast partners even have a nickname – “booth candy” .

JJ Lane first noticed the chemistry when they went out for a drink and Lane, a leading man on both The Bachlerette and Bachelor in Paradise, “became a wingman – for the first time ever”.

But Stickney doesn’t want his newly found fame to detract from the 8-time champions on the ice – so he is “dressing down” on game days. “I want people to know that I can call games, too.”

Jay Stickney tweet

When asked where JJ’s left hand is on the cover of People Magazine, Stickney replied, “the dump button.”

2 thoughts on “Broadcast Team Gains National Notoriety”

  1. I do not like or approve of this. Fan attendance will dwindle. Men will come to games and leave their wives home. Male DU students will not bring dates. Okay, lots of teeny-boppers will get dropped off by their parents and giggle throughout the game exposing braces on their teeth. Magness will have the feel of an old Ricky Nelson or Justin Bieber concert.

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  2. As we all know, the radio audience for DU Hockey is a massive one. We’re talking maybe 5,000 people and most of them only hear the post-game show on their way out of the parking lot at Magness, provided the ESPN AM 1600 gerbil is running hard enough back at the station to get the signal out strong enough to compete with the intrusive Mexican music that often competes with that frequency.

    Glad we now have JJ Lane (he of the millions of Twitter followers) aboard for color commentary. Perhaps he can now boost that audience to 5,500 so that everyone will be in on the polyester jokes during North Dakota week…

    Sic Transit Gloria….


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