Omaha to Wear New Denim Uniforms at CIBER Field Saturday Night

Omaha Men’s Soccer is planning to play in denim onesie during Saturday evening’s contest against the University of Denver at CIBER Field. The recently announced sponsorship deal allows the Mavericks to partner with Levi’s to launch a new soccer clothing line.

“Talk about the perfect sponsorship (for Omaha)”, said athletic director Trev Alberts, who apparently is dreamy, as he dropped 50 cents into the athletic department coffee vending machine. “Overalls are my weekend go-to.”

According to reports, the team has been playing and practicing in the new uniforms with mixed results. Denim is a coarse material and players have complained of wedgies, chafing, and poor breathability following their debut against Creighton earlier this season.

Bob Warming 8
Head coach Bob Warming plans to further support the sponsorship deal by wearing bib overalls on the sidelines during the remaining games this season.

Heavy rain showers could add as much as 15 pounds per uniform. Fortunately, there is no rain expected in the Saturday forecast for October 26th at 7:00 pm match. Though, if the coming winter storm forecasted to hit Denver Sunday through Tuesday comes early, all hell could break loose.

2 thoughts on “Omaha to Wear New Denim Uniforms at CIBER Field Saturday Night”

  1. Very funny. Omaha is so easy to pick-on. Now we know why Trump is building the wall separating Nebraska from Colorado. Also, I hear the DU Student Republican Club is paying for the wall with good intentions. The wall will keep out the Sioux from getting to our hockey games with them.

  2. Long term, I am very optimistic about Jamie Franks. He is a task master but with that, he is always looking at ways to better himself and the program. I like that he shoots for the stars – most people are afraid to say they want to be the best/beat the best but Franks is very ambitious. I also thinks he uses a tough schedule as a recruiting tool. And, they have lost 8 of their 9 losses by ONE GOAL.

    If I had any criticism, I think he thinks character is the most important attribute and he can ‘coach ’em up’.. As a result, I think he has missed out on some talent and speed at mid-field and forward. You can’t teach people to score or distribute the ball at mid-field in a split second. That is something players are born with and not ‘learned’. Also, Omaha has a record similar to DUs after scheduling a tough non-conference schedule as well.

    Finally, a bad year might be the best thing that can happen to Franks. I can speak personally of my professional career and I learned the most during a bad year – not a successful year.

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