Goddard Lends a Helping Hand to Campus Construction

Photo: Goddard scours the Dimond Family Residential Village architectural plans 

“Being incredibly successful in business is great,” said Houston entrepreneur Damien Goddard, “but nothing beats the smell of sawdust and the hum of power tools.” 

Goddard, founder of LetsGoDU, traveled from his Houston compound to volunteer at several DU construction job-sites again this weekend. “I try to get here monthly and see the boys. I have a passion for construction, metal working and electrical engineering. I want to make sure things are done by the book.” Goddard was particularly critical of the work crew at the new freshman dorm, the Dimond Family Residential Village, as he admonished several workers for an unkempt work area and one worker for not wearing a safety harness.

“A rule is a rule”, stated Goddard

“I love these guys but sometimes they just need tough love!” exclaimed Goddard.

goddard construction 3
“Hey bub – yea, you! Steel toed shoes or you are out of here.”

Goddard is on a first-name basis with many of the construction crews members. “How is your daughter, Bob? Are you kidding me Doug, the Broncos by a field goal? Hey Justin (Justin Cooper, vice president Saunders Construction), beer at The Campus Lounge at 5:30.”

Surprisingly, none of the three new facilities will bear the Goddard name. “Sure, DU has gotten substantial monetary gifts from me. But these guys should get all the credit”, said a humble Goddard as he pointed at construction personnel.”

“I’m just here to help.”



10 thoughts on “Goddard Lends a Helping Hand to Campus Construction”

  1. Vizoroo- Not funny in the least. You are talking about DU hockey royalty on it’s 70th anniversary. Love DG, but that’s just wrong.

    1. Seriously. Anyone who knows DG appreciates what he has done. However, let’s get real…and not lump him in with our coaching and on-ice dignitaries of years past. A really stupid comment from vizeroo…

  2. Anonymouns and Nameless is a either troll, or amazingly stupid. Nice work, DG, I feel the world is safer with your construction supervision!

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